ISMP Mindfulness Based Stress Management Program with Gerald Levine MD
The program runs for 3 hour blocks for seven weeks, plus a six hour all day program, equal hours to a 8 week mindfullness program. Full attendance is recommended to get the greatest benefit out of the program, as most of the program is embodied through direct experience in the mindfulness meditation practices and principles, discussion, movement and music.  Please respect and gently carve out time for 20-30 minutes of home practice daily, which will be recommended after each session for your own well being.
Program fee is $300 which includes enrollment fee, course materials, one all day program fee and lunch, therapeutic yoga and healing live music. The cost of participation is partially covered by OHIP .This program would normally cost $800 if not covered by OHIP.

Common Misconceptions of Mindfulness Meditation

  • We are not trying to empty our mind; instead we are observing our thoughts and stories
  • It is not the position that is important, but the attitude of mind we bring to it
  • There is no conflict with any religion or religious beliefs
  • We are not trying to reach any particular state of mind; instead we are cultivating skills to put into practice when difficult emotions arise in everyday life

Mindfulness is not something you get from the outside world, it already exists within you. It is a small seed that resides inside you and with some watering, and nurturing you can expand and cultivate it for growing, learning and healing.

What is Mindfulness

Jon Kabat-Zinn introduced mindfulness into mainstream medicine in 1979 with a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course which is based on the Eastern philosophy of mindfulness meditation.

“Mindfulness is a basic human quality, a way of learning to pay wise attention to what ever is happening in your life that allows you a greater connection to your life inwardly and outwardly. Mindfulness is also a practice, a systematic method aimed at cultivating clarity, insight and understanding.  In the context of your health, mindfulness is a way for you to experientially learn to take better care of yourself by exploring and understanding the interplay of mind and body and mobilizing your own inner resource for coping, growing and healing” -Jon Kabat-Zinn

Resilience, self- awareness, concentration, increases happiness/joy/creativity, train’s us to respond VS react, self regulation of our thoughts, emotions, impulses to act, body sensations, train’s us in kindness and compassion, neuroplasticity- rewires the brain for calm clear problem-solving thinking.

The work of Jon Kabat-Zinn is backed up by 30 years of published research, 
and has been proven in reducing stress-related medical conditions and chronic pain. Mindfulness meditation has recently been approved by Health Canada as a first-line complementary therapy in the initial management of cardiac and stroke prevention.

Our Integrative Stress Management Program is inspired by the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and interweaves medical teaching of stress and the mind/body connection, mindfulness meditation practices and therapeutic mindful movement supported by live music at each class.   We also include some evidence-based mindful self compassion practices to help participants develop a balanced, effective and long lasting mindful way of being.

Mindfulness and Mindful Self Compassion are like two wings of the same bird; both are needed for your full flight in life. –

Founders of the Mindful Self Compassion Program (MSC) Kristen Neff PhD, and Chris Germer, PhD


Mindful Self Compassion (MSC)
Including Yourself in the Circle of Caring
Developing Skills for Inner Resilience and Unconditional Self Kindness

Build inner resilience, your kind inner coach or mentor through
MSC techniques and principles

Learn and Experience:

  • What Self (Inner) Compassion is
  • Recognize Unnecessary Suffering 
  • Understanding Self-Criticism, the Inner Critic
  • Understanding How to Care for Ourselves Unconditionally
  • Managing Caregiver Fatigue
  • Compassionate Listening
  • Compassion for Difficult Emotions
  • Understanding Negative Core Beliefs 
  • Compassion for Challenging Relationships
  • Self Compassion in Daily Life
  • and lots More…

Therapeutic Live Sound will be the backdrop for all meditations



Fee $300 plus $20 materials 

Facilitators: Elizabeth Levine and Tanya Armstrong
Requirement: Prior Mindfulness Program