Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Course

We accept self-referral or referral from health care professionals

ISMP Mindfulness Based Stress Management Program

7 Week Program plus one 6 hour retreat
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Day & Time: Tuesday’s 1-3:30pm or 6-8:30pm
Location: Barrie, ON 

 Our team will provide you with profound stress management skills to navigate life’s inevitable stress waves more effectively. Our program provides practical, portable, effective tools to manage work/life stress for improved mental/physical health.

Program fee is $300 which includes:

  • formal medical teaching of stress and the mind/body connection 
  • interactive discussion
  • direct experience with mindful meditation practices
  • gentle mindful movement
  • therapeutic live music
  • USB KEY with 7 guided meditations 
  • evidence-based course material
  • access to continuing education through the website
  • one 6 hour retreat with a nutritious lunch included
Full attendance is recommended to get the greatest benefit out of the program, as most of the program is embodied through direct experience in the mindfulness meditation practices and principles, discussion, movement and music.  Our course is taught in a group setting of about 25 participants. Commitment to 20-30 minutes of home practice daily is recommended.The cost of participation is partially covered by OHIP. This program would normally cost $800.

Our Integrative Stress Management Program is inspired by the work of Jon Kabat-Zinn and interweaves medical teaching of stress and the mind/body connection, mindfulness meditation practices and therapeutic mindful movement supported by live music at each class.   We also include some evidence-based mindful self compassion practices to help participants develop a balanced, effective and long lasting mindful way of being.

Facilitators: Gerald Levine MD, Elizabeth Levine, Tanya Armstrong 

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Registration is required with a deposit of $50 and health form 

Important: Please contact Tanya Armstrong Program Coordinator to register and check availability of courses E: info@managestress.ca   C: (705) 721-6934

Myths And Facts of Mindfulness Meditation

Myth: need to empty your mind  
Fact: learn to work effectively with your busy mind

Myth: have to sit on a cushion
Fact: can be done in any position or while doing an activity

Myth: religious-based
Fact: learn concentration skills without any religious content

Myth: expectation of experiencing blissful state
Fact:  cultivate resilience to handle real-life stressors

Myth: self-indulgent/lazy
Fact: promotes wise use of energy and connection with others

Origin Of Mindfulness Meditation Training

Jon Kabat-Zinn introduced mindfulness into mainstream medicine in 1979 with a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course which is based on the Eastern philosophy of mindfulness meditation.

The work of Jon Kabat-Zinn is backed up by 30 years of published research, 
and has been proven in reducing stress-related medical conditions and chronic pain. Mindfulness meditation has recently been approved by Health Canada as a first-line complementary therapy in the initial management of cardiac and stroke prevention.

Benefits Of Mindfulness Meditation (brain exercise)

Resilience and over all well being                                                                             Skills to manage stress/anxiety/depression/PTSD
Calm, clear problem solving thinking-responding VS reactive behaviour
Self regulation/emotional regulation
Present moment awareness
Acceptance, kindness and compassion
Ability to let go
Improves concentration

Our program improves health through balanced awareness, offering a fresh perspective to make healthy pro-active choices.