Mindfulness Stress Management Program 

Up-Dated and Recent Testimonials:

Public Participant Testimonials:

  • "I liked learning a varietly of mindfulness techniques in a non-judgmental, comfortabl, safe environment. The creativitly and thought that was put into each class help us on our terrific mindful journey" 
  • "I have become a better listener, listening before I speak, less judgmental when in conversations at work and at home, especially with my kids. It has helped me rember to take time for me, getting enough sleep and time for myself" 
  • " Life changing experience, Loved everything, the lessons, the group dynamics, the combination of theory, movment, and music. I would recommend it to everyone!!. I have slowed down, I feel more in control, life is stressful and now I can fall back on my meditations, brathing, movment to help me stay centred" 
  • "Loved the program, and would like a refesher every couple of years. I learned how to enjoy things more, learning meditations to suit all situations, just getting to know myself, it have helped my self-confidence. I feel more calm and less anxiety"
  • "I liked the instructors, music, acceptance of all people and the respectful environment. I use the breathing, I am more mindful and aware in the moment.Instead of reacting immediatly, I pause and take a time out, checking in with my emotions and than responding" 
  • "Loved the combination science, music, and movment, I am off my pain meds!!! I have my life back, sleeping better and smiling more at family and friends" 
  • "It has help significantly. I can notice my anxiety rather than becoming it, practicing with my husband has helped to have some very reflective converations and discussions about our shared goals of being more present in our lives" 
  • " I am in a far better place now in my personal life and my professional life. Not riding the roller coaster anymore, I am able to be in the present moment and not immediatly react to a situation. I have a greater appreciation of the positive things in my life" 
  • "Loved all of it, the loving, kind way that the program was shared" 
  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed the program. The informatiom on the USB and the login website information is fantastic. I have loved the music especially being included with the program and the yoga as well" 
  • "100% improvement. I am a new person. I have gain self awareness, and awareness of others which has changed the way I think. I do not worry about (what if)" 

Work Place Staff Training Participants:

Canadian Mental Health Association Staff

  •  "An eye opener, a chance to see a different part of how I work, pushing my thinking beyond where i usually go. This program has greatly affected my ability to handle stress, and I now have ways to take control of my mental health. I am more grounded and have more self kindness" 
  • "MY mental health levels have improved and I feel calmer.I have toolS to help me return to centre and control my anxiety. The STOP approach is very useful and I am actively seeking time for myself. I will offer this to my clients as well"
  • "Comfortable setting for sharing. Enjoyed Dr Levine's calm, soothing voice and his approach to teaching.  Also enjoyed the yoga and music " 
  • "I can take 5 deep breaths and use the body scan to help me come back to the present moment. I enjoyed the information on the brain and stress and the seven mindful attitudes are very helpful" 
  • " I enjoyed scientific understanding of the brain and stress, I am able to turn inwards relieving some of the root causes of stress. I am better equipped to deepen my meditation practice" 
  • "I liked everything about the program! The content, pace, tone, and atmosphere was fabulous." 
  • I loved that it was offered during work hours, that it incorporated discussion and practice. Hearing how others are practicing mindfulness was helpful 

Simcoe County Elementary Teachers' Federation

  • " This program is very applicable to helping with day to day life and easy to implement. I feel better equiped to use the tools and practices to make positive changes in an reasonable manner. I have accepted that I have the power to make a difference in my own life and others through example"
  • " I feel it has change my personal life with my husband and with my colleges. I am breathing on a daily basis and doing this with my students.I am learning how to take good care of myself, I am better equiped with stratigies to deal with variety of situations-a (tool kit). I feel I can change how I deal with things and I am learning to let go"
  • " my favorite part was learning about the pgysiologly of stress and the mind and boday. I am more mindful of my stressors and armed with tools to help myself" 
  • It has encouraged me to start to take an active role in feeling better-not waiting for it to happen. I feel I am starting to make positive changes and I learned the importance of taking care of myself. I have already shared some of these tools with my students"
  • "I really liked the music and movement sessions.  Liz and Tanya are so wonderful.  I feel that I am being kind to my body--and it has been too long since I have felt that way; way too long!" 


MSC Public Program:

  • " I like that the the program reaffirmed the stratigies to deal with stress, heartache, sadness and greif but it also gave me stratigies to reduce the (I should have). It has given me an alternative lifestyle and learning to live in the moment without guilt. This course is excellent and the presentation is excellent from begining to end. Liz and Tanya give off love, warmth, caring and security. The meditations were clear, imformative, was personally thought prevoking while the sharing was non-judgmental and valued" 
  • "Loved the whole program, meditations, theory, music. I liked how the program unraveled each week. It has made me more mindful of my inner critic and has leesened it's impact. I definitley recommend this program!!" 
  • "I most certainly recommend this course, I use the MSC self compassion break all the time!! I fel calm and more accepting" 
  • "I love the tools given to me to enable me to take care of me" 
  • "Thank you Liz and Tanya for your sharing, guidance, and leading by example" 
  • With my self compassion skills I know now I am enough and I can love myself"
  • Liz and Tanya were fabulous, I loved Liz's music and the location couldn't have been better" 
  • "I loved everything! the combination of music, movement, and science behind self compasion. Each step was a challenge but you both guided me through softly"-
  • OMG Loved it. With self compassion break I am able to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Peeling back the layers I now relieaze I am worthy, I can comfort myself, I can shine. This program has been the best gift to ME! thank you both from the bottom of my heart" 
  • "Thank you both for crating a beautiful, safe sapce for us all to heal, you are both really great at what you do. I liked the kind phrases, learning about my core values, the music, the womens stories, sharing in small groups, the space, the personal stories of the facilitators, the journaling and reflections, the sincerity and compassion of both facilitators" 
  • "I have gained so much, words cannot describe. I have gained the awareness of what is under anger and fear. I have gained the knowlege of where the deep rooted sense of low self worth comes from. It has allowed me to give what i crave from other, to give myself validation, and love. It lets me accept myself and accept where I am in life" 
  •  "It feels good to be kind to myself. The kind phrases and gestures are now automatic, and I finaly understand I do not need to be perfect. Thank you! the music was like a warm bath and you both are sooo lovable! (and me too)" 

MSC Work Place Staff Training Participant

Canadian Mental Health Organization

  • "I started the 2nd Mindfulness Course yesterday with Dr. Levine - Mindful Self-Compassion, and again I cannot put words on how useful this special training is.  Thank you x1000 for offering this to staff at CMHA!  I am learning so much and this learning will benefit my professional and personal life (I'm even teaching my husband, and he loves it!)"
  •  "The program has changed my life in every way, It has given me the tools to be knder to myself, to have more patience, manage life stressors, and continue on"
  • "Learning to be loving to myself, to give myself the nurturing that I give my children. I can draw on a wide variety of approaches, the meditations given were amazing and I loved the oppurtunity to come up with my own phrases that I need to hear in time of stress" 
  • "I liked learning how to love myself, stopping the inner critic, and going deep into my feelings and acknowledging them. I am able to let things go sooner with the ability to lean in to my many emotions and be compassionate with myself"
  • "I like the compassion and understanding of the facilitators. I am able to be more trusting, able to remind myself about common humanity, and that it is worth it to care for myself just beacuse I am alive"
  • "Enjoyed the warm, friendly, accepting, understanding and helpful environment created and fostered by Dr. Levine, Liz and Tanya." 
  • "This program provided new tools to gain awareness on how to be more gental with myself." 
  • "Loved the ability to express myself openly in a safe, secure environment. Learned many practical tips for self compassion." 

Testimonials From Work PLace Leaders:
CMHA York and South Simcoe has benefited greatly over the last few years from receiving numerous workshops and ongoing teachings from Dr. Levine and his team.
The workshops are an absolute delight of learning from a master teacher, augmented by music and yoga from experts in their own right. A majority of our staff have taken the Integrative Stress management Program and many have now taken the Phase two training, Mindful Self Compassion. With so many of staff now applying mindfulness skills to their professional practice, it has become clear just how significant a positive impact it is having on our corporate culture as a whole. The following quote from one of our staff says it all.
“I started the 2nd Mindfulness Course yesterday with Dr. Levine – Mindful Self-Compassion, and again I cannot put words on how useful this special training is.  Thank you x1000 for offering this to staff at CMHA!  I am learning so much and this learning will benefit my professional and personal life (I’m even teaching my husband, and he loves it!)- CMHA Participant
I highly recommend Dr. Levine and his talented team.
Neil Howard, Director of Programs, CMHA York and South Simcoe

"The Canadian Mental Health Association, Simcoe County provided an opportunity for staff to participate in Mindfulness and music/yoga sessions.  We have had approximately 60 staff participate in four half day sessions so far in this program.  All staff who attended spoke very positively about the program, and all expressed how much it helped them in a variety of ways. 

The sessions with Dr. Levine on mindfulness were outstanding and there were many comments from staff that it provided them with greater awareness generally, helped with them looking as things in their life and work with a different perspective, appreciate each moment and not overreact to challenging situations.

Also the music combined with restorative yoga was very calming, relaxing and people felt it improved their overall sense of well being.  Some quotes “these sessions were amazing thanks so much”;  “I now sleep better at night using the mindfulness methods; “the yoga really helped by back”; and, “the yoga combined with the music was so soothing”.

I too attended the classes and thought they were wonderful.  Dr. Levine, Liz and Tanya are very talented and inspiring.  I think the classes helped me both personally and professionally, and I continue to use the meditation and yoga techniques. I am delighted that staff enjoyed this growing/learning experience and feel that both staff and CMHA have benefitted." 
--Nancy Roxborough CMHA, CEO, Barrie

"Dr. Gerald Levine, Liz Levine and Tanya Armstrong have been an important addition to our Workplace Wellness at York Support Services Network over the past 5 years.Dr. Levine has introduced approximately 50% of our staff to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction techniques through a series of sessions offered at our organization.

Many staff express that they have incorporated many of the techniques into their own self care plans.

Tanya Armstrong has introduced many of our staff to gentle yoga practice that they can incorporate into their daily life at work and home.  Her gentle and warm manner is particularly welcomed.

Liz Levine brings an energy and passion for sound to her work, she and Tanya compliment each other with their different styles, enhancing the total experience of mindfulness, movement and sound.

We would highly recommend Dr. Levine, Liz Levine and Tanya Armstrong to all."

--Nancy Lewis YSSN, Mental Health / Dual Diagnosis Supervisor, Newmarket